Marcus Noble

- Platform Engineer -


Twitter: @Marcus_Noble_
GitHub: MarcusNoble


A digital tinkerer with an obsession for automation and an advocate of Kubernetes and container-based platforms. Previously a JavaScript/TypeScript devotee having worked extensively with Node.js microservices & libraries and a former organiser of JSOxford. A firm believer, and contributor, of open source software and the strength of the tech community. A keen interest in smart home and IoT tech with a general interest in 3D printing.


  • Expertise building and managing Kubernetes clusters with experience handling migrations, upgrades and disaster recovery.
  • Understanding of containerisation technology, including Docker, with hands-on experience building container applications and managing container runtime platforms.
  • Building complex, cloud-native platforms with experience using infrastructure-as-code tooling such as Terraform to construct all needed resources on AWS.
  • Building tooling on top of Kubernetes leveraging patterns such as the operator pattern to extend Kubernetes with custom but native-feeling functionality.
  • Comfortable programming in Go, JavaScript, Python and Bash with previous experience with Java and C#.
  • Over 5 years professional experience building modern, full-stack web applications and libraries with Node.js, TypeScript and front-end frameworks such as Vue. Use of CSS pre-processors, Web Components and modern browser APIs.
  • Creating, maintaining and supporting many in-house tools, modules and APIs for use by many teams across the organisation. E.g. Terraform modules, CLI tooling, shell build scripts and RESTful APIs
  • Familiarity with test-driven development and modern CI/CD tools, such as Tekton and Jenkins, as well as experience following GitOps practices with experience using Argo CD.
  • Experience with several different database engines over the years including, but not limited to, MySQL, Oracle SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server as well as non-sql databases and cache's such as Elasticsearch and Redis.
  • Public speaker on topics relating to Kubernetes, DevOps and Automation.
  • Previous organiser of JSOxford and BerkshireJS.
  • Organiser and host of an internal Kubernetes Guild that met often to discuss and share ideas across the organisation.
  • Experience editing and publishing technical talk videos for the JSOxford YouTube page.
  • Comfortable communicating with individuals at all levels of organisation with ability to present content at a suitable level for the intended audience.
  • Mentored and trained student and junior staff members.
Project/Time Management
  • Successful experience working with dispersed teams across both timezones and disciplines.
  • Appropriate prioritisation of work to achieve a balance between pace and features.
  • An advocate for leveraging tooling and automation to lower the cognitive burdon required to work collaboratively within a team.

Employment History

Giant Swarm
Sept 2021 - Present
Platform Engineer

Building and supporting Kubernetes cluster management and associated cloud native technologies and automation.

Mar 2019 – Sept 2021
Principal DevOps Engineer

Building modules and tools to help other teams get their applications to productions quicker. Updating and maintaining a collection of Terraform modules for various AWS services such as EKS. Building out a collection of documentation, best practices and reference implementation for teams across the organisation. Provide support to teams on running Kubernetes clusters and related technologies / services.

Started a Kubernetes guild which boasts regular meetings with roughly 40 attendees.
Spearheaded a proposal to set up a central platform team providing fully managed Kubernetes clusters on top of EKS providing all needed for teams to get into production quickly and not have to deal with setup or upgrades to the cluster.
Feb 2016 – Mar 2019
Senior Software Engineer

Full stack development of ecommerce platforms covering the various Elsevier products. Architecting and building the required infrastructure on AWS and integrating with other external system. Leasing with teams around the company (such as finance and fulfilment) to ensure our platforms integrate correctly with their systems down-stream. Providing technical expertise in my area of skills to other developers in our team and the organisation.

Gained a recognition award for my proactive handling of a possible security breach and swift handling of a critical production issue affecting 1000s of orders coming in.
Worked in a small team to build and deploy a new checkout platform within a very tight timeline that ended up being used by thousands of users daily.
Science and Technology Facilities Council
June 2013 – February 2016
Software Developer

Worked on building, maintaining and supporting a range of systems including covering technologies such as Java EE, ASP .NET, SharePoint and Microsoft Access. Contributed towards European projects and influenced them in a way that is beneficial to my organisation. Provided recommendations and assessments of new techniques or technologies that could be leveraged to help us work better.

Built a new, modern authentication system front-end that handles login and account creation for all our systems. This was built in response to a European project (Umbrella) to provide a single sign-on across several European facilities and added many benefits over the existing system (such as a responsive layout to remove the need for a separate mobile solution).
Science and Technology Facilities Council
July 2011 - September 2013
Software Developer (Student Placement)


University of Derby
2009 - 2014
BSc (Hons) Scientific Computing - First

Modules include: Software Development, Web Development, Multi-user Database Systems, Mobile Devices, Operating Systems, Systems Analysis, Enterprise Systems, and Language Development & Design.

Notable Projects